Fantastic Four #27: Reed's Stretchy Body 65

Fantastic Four #27, page 7, panel 1
Fantastic Four #27, page 7, panel 1

fantastic four #27: reed's stretchy body 65

Presented by the most talked-about team in comics: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, author and illustrator extraordinary

Inked by: George Roussos

Lettered by: S. Rosen

I've chosen this panel for today for two reasons. The first is Reed's over-the-top reaction to the news that Sue has left with Namor, threatening to kill the Sub-Mariner. This reads awkwardly, as such a snap emotional reaction is not something we associate with Reed any more, despite being more in line with the very early characterisation in the series.

The second is the way that Jack portrays Reed's fury in his body. You could argue that there's a use of forced perspective in this panel, but I prefer to think of it as Reed's elasticity allowing his torso, arms and head to swell with the rage that he is feeling, distorting his figure much in the way that a male gorilla would puff up his chest as a show of force.

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