Your podcast guide to The Fantastic Four.

Each week, your hosts Steve Lacey and Andrew Leyland guide you through the history of the World's Greatest Comics Magazine, from 1961's Fantastic Four #1 to 2016's Secret Wars #9.

Every issue, every spin-off, every guest appearance and cameo.


Hello, and welcome to The Fantasticast, your weekly podcast guide to the Fantastic Four.

Since January 2012, we have been covering every appearance of the Fantastic Four, in publishing order. We started with the origins of the Marvel Age of Comics, Fantastic Four #1, from 1961, and have been working our way forward on a month-by-month basis ever since.

Each episode, we take a look at an issue of the Fantastic Four, or one of its associated titles. We've already covered every issue of Johnny Storm's adventures in Strange Tales, and we're about to start our coverage of Marvel Two-In-One. We've also taken looks at issues of Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil, Avengers, Silver Surfer, Adam Warlock, Marvel Feature, and more.

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Our podcast artwork is provided by Michael Georgiou, and our episode cover designs are by Sam Savage. Find out more on our About The Hosts page.

Who else is foolhardy enough to review all the Fantastic Four comics from the beginning? These maniacs. And it’s sublimely awesome.
— roninfish, iTunes USA review
A willingness to talk about both the good and the bad about the fictional and real-life teams that started Marvel.
— Abel Padilla, iTunes USA review