The Hosts

Stephen Lacey (right)

Stephen Lacey (right)

Stephen Lacey

Co-host, producer, planner, webmaster, editor, wrangler, and general bane of Andy's existence.

Steve first made waves* as writer of the World of Superman blog, an attempt to rationalise all post-Crisis Superman comics into some kind of coherent timeline, and review them. 

Seeking something a little easier to do, Steve stumbled into the world of podcasting in 2010. Following highly-acclaimed** guest-appearances on Amazing Spider-Man Classics and Teenage Wasteland: An Ultimate Spider-Man Podcast, Steve launched the 20 Minute Longbox, an attempt to review his entire comic collection, one randomly-selected comic at a time.

Since 2012, Steve has been the producer and co-host of The Fantasticast. He occasionally dreams of a world where he can walk into a comic shop and purchase a comic called The Fantastic Four.

*very small waves

**apparently so. Even Steve finds this somewhat incredulous.

Andrew Leyland (Center)

Andrew Leyland (Center)

Andrew leyland

Co-host, sense-seeker and Strange Tales denier.

Raised across the 1970s and 1980s, Andrew grew up exposed to the very best of pop culture. A lifelong comics fan, Andrew burst onto the podcasting scene with his teenage son Micheal in tow, with their intergenerational podcast Hey Kids, Comics!

It didn't take long for Andy to add the Fantasticast to his resume, where he coined the popular catchphrases 'It makes no sense' and 'Strange Tales again? Noooooo!'. In addition to this show, Andy survives as a 1980s pop culture critic for hire, and if you can find him, you can probably get him to guest on your show.

Michael Georgiou (not pictured, but it's a nice tree)

Michael Georgiou (not pictured, but it's a nice tree)

Michael georgiou

Show artist Michael Georgiou lost a bet and now his art adorns our podcast.

Best known as the creator of the webcomic Steve & Bob, and the graphic novel Elemental Micah, Michael can be found a UK comics conventions, sporting a fine beard and Steven Universe cosplay.

sam savage

A chance meeting in an Edgar Wright signing queue led to Sam providing the covers for each episode of The Fantasticast (but not the early ones, those are Steve's fault).