Michael Georgiou

A Thing Of Beauty...

I'm breaking the format of the blog today to talk about... this! FF Banner New

If you've been listening to the past couple of episode of the show, or following us on twitter or on facebook, then you'll have seen variations of this image popping up as cover pictures and avatars.

A few months ago, I was guesting on an episode of The MOMBcast with a friend of mine, Michael Georgiou. Mike is a 'drawthor', a writer/artist and the creative force behind the Elemental Micah series (available for just £9.99 from this link!), and a good friend of mine. Check out his links to his own site, Elemental Micah, and a series of images he did to celebrate 10 years of his original creation Steve and Bob featuring Bob in a variety of geek-related costumes!

Mike was a little drunk, and pestered me with abuse for a few minutes about bringing back my semi-regular podcast, 20 Minute Longbox. A couple of weeks later, whilst hanging out with Mike, he made me a deal - if I put out four episodes of the Longbox in the 6 weeks before MCM London Comic-Con, he would provide me with cover art for one of my shows.

Four episodes of the Longbox later, and I was in a position to request some artwork. I asked him for the name of the show, in the traditional Fantastic Four font, with the team interacting with the letters in some way. A couple of weeks later - outside the cinema waiting to go in for The Man of Steel on the night of my 30th birthday - Mike presented me with the above image.

No pun intended at all - it's fantastic, and far more than I expected when I was putting together an idea for the image.

Thank you Mike!

(And as for the 20 Minute Longbox? I then went on to produce four more episodes featuring interviews from the MCM London Comic-Con, and the show will return to carry on with random comic selection in a few weeks time)