Mike McKone's Thing

Mike McKone Thing

Mike McKone Thing

Isn't this just beautiful?

This past weekend, Andy and I visited the London Film And Comic Convention. In amongst the ridiculous overcrowding and, frankly, piss-poor organisation, I found time to track down the wonderful Mike McKone. McKone has had a long a varied career, including a spell as penciller on Fantastic Four during J Michael Straczynski's run on the book. As well as getting several comics signed, I also got my name on his sketch list for a head-sketch of The Thing.

And it's amazing. There's so much I love about this, but it's the eyes that do it. There's such a sadness in the eyes, and the line of the jaw just brings to mind a moment where Ben's decided to commit to Alicia, only to find out that she's finally moved on. Thank you, Mike!

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