The Official Fantasticast Competition Post

As announced on episode 35 of The Fantasticast, we are running a competition with two great prizes: Digital copies of every Marvel NOW issue of Fantastic Four by Matt Fraction, Mark Bagley and Mark Farmer, and of every Marvel NOW issue of FF by Matt Fraction, Mike Allred and Laura Allred. All you have to do to be in with a chance to win is to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. It's a simple as that. Once we reach 150 Facebook like and 300 Twitter followers, we'll draw two names from a largely-metaphorical hat, and give away the comics.

Now, there's no official closing date for this competition. The faster we get our likes, the faster we'll give away the comics. On the flip side, we take no responsibility if this competition drags on so long that the codes expire... If the competition closes between the release of Fantastic Four and FF, then I'll ensure that the FF winner isn't penalised by the closing date and include that month's code. However, the prizes are not guaranteed to be equal, as the Age of Ultron issues, any annuals, and any production delays/double-shipping may alter the number of issues published up to the end of the competition.

The prizes will take the form of the digital codes that came free with my copies. I'll peel the stickers off and e-mail the codes to the winners. The stickers are still there, I promise! I was going to give them to Andy, but he can buy his own comics and I think you guys would like them more! They are redeemed through the Marvel website, and can be read in a browser or through the Marvel apps for Android and iOS.

Please share this page to spread awareness of the competition and of the show.

Good luck!