Fantastic Four #27: Reed's Stretchy Body 66

Fantastic Four #27, page 11, panels 4-8
Fantastic Four #27, page 11, panels 4-8

fantastic four #27: Reed's stretchy body 66

Presented by the most talked-about team in comics: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, author and illustrator extraordinary

Inked by: George Roussos

Lettered by: S. Rosen

Today's panels are most of page 11 of this issue of the Fantastic Four. Reed has taken off after Namor in a fit of rage, launching a solo attack against the conveniently-deserted Atlantis to rescue Sue. He's very much an action hero here, his intelligence taking a back-seat to his tactical abilities. Oh, and his giant stretchy fist.

Note that he declares that he will turn his arm into 'living bolas'. As I'm sure everyone knows, bolas are a thrown weapon, comprising several weighted cords which are thrown around and animal's legs to entangle them and bring them to the ground. So, of course, what Reed actually does is snake his arm around Namor's torso. I said his intelligence took a back seat...

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