Fantastic Four #27: Reed's Stretchy Body 64

Fantastic Four #27, page 2, panel 5
Fantastic Four #27, page 2, panel 5

fantastic four #27: reed's stretchy body 64

Presented by the most talked-about team in comics: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, author and illustrator extraordinary

Inked by: George Roussos

Lettered by: S. Rosen

Another week, another new comic. Fantastic Four #27 opens with Reed rather unwisely using a thought-projector in front of the team. Being that this issue is all about Reed's devotion/obsession with Sue, it's rather appropriate that the thought he accidentally projects is that of Sue, not wearing many clothes.

Ben gives it a go, and finds himself confronted by Doctor Doom, who hurls a grenade at him. Reacting, Ben stumbles backwards, leaving Reed to cushion his (not very deep) fall with his body. They look almost cute together...

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