Fantastic Four #28: Reed's Stretchy Body 74

Fantastic Four #28, page 7, panel 2
Fantastic Four #28, page 7, panel 2

fantastic four #28: reed's stretchy body 74

Written by Stan Lee (The Leader!)

Drawn by Jack Kirby (The King!)

Inked by Chic Stone (The Master!)

Lettered by Art Simek (The Letterer!)

Well, I truly tempted fate by announcing a return to a regular posting schedule last week... The short version of what happened is that I developed intense lower leg pains, which were thought to be evidence of a blood clot for a bit. Thankfully, there was no clot, and with treatment of the muscles, I have made a full recovery. That's why we've missed a couple of postings here, and why there was no episode of the show this past weekend. But, with everything back to normal, we're back on schedule.

Today's masterful panel comes from the moment where the X-Men reveal their true colours. Well, their true colours when they blindly follow the orders of Professor X. Cyclops opens up with a series of optical blasts that Reed decides to stretch his way around. It's one of the best examples of Reed's powers seen to date in the book. Reed retains his mass, stretching without thinning, which might seem a bit unlikely given the circumstances, but it's a visual affectation that I really like.

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