Fantastic Four #28: Reed's Stretchy Body 73

Fantastic Four #27, page 6, panel 3
Fantastic Four #27, page 6, panel 3

fantastic four #28: reed's stretchy body 73

Written by Stan Lee (The Leader!)

Drawn by Jack Kirby (The King!)

Inked by Chic Stone (The Master!)

Lettered by Art Simek (The Letterer!)

Back to the Fantastic Four, and it's the issue that guest-starred the earliest X-Men, as drawn by Kirby. the basic plot is that the Thinker and the Puppet Master team up to take control of Professor X, who orders the X-Men to visit the Baxter Building and attack the Fantastic Four. The panel prior to this one reveals that the X-Men have access to a 'late model Jetcopter', and that the Baxter Building is home to a heliport. This is clearly before Reed installed numerous sliding panels in the roof to allow various Fantastic Four vessels to rise upwards.

And, apparently, this is before Reed installed security cameras on the roof. We saw, back in the Thinker's first appearance, that CCTV was in place inside the Baxter Building. But despite aerial attacks from the likes of Doctor Doom, Reed clearly feels that the best way to keep an eye on the roof is to literally keep an eye on the roof.

And just how can he see the jetcopter and the X-Men from that angle? Surely all he can see is the side of the building?

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