And... We're Back!

It's been over five months since a new post popped up on here that actually matched the mission statement of the site: To chronicle every 'Flame On', 'It's Clobbering Time' and more. I took a break from writing posts because the slog of doing a post every day, along with editing a new episode of the show each week, just got to be a bit too much. But over the past few weeks, I've been feeling more and more uneasy about stopping writing for the blog. At its most basic, my work here was not done.

So, we're starting back up again. There won't be a new post every day, but I'm hoping to present three posts a week, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Other material will appear on the off days, on an ad hoc basis. And, of course, Saturdays will feature new episodes of the podcast.

So, check back here tomorrow as we continue our journey through the crazy ol' Silver Age with... oh... it's likely to be a Strange Tales entry.