The Fantasticast: The End Of Lee/Kirby - Final Chance

The King Hey folks, we need your help.

We're fast approaching the end of Jack Kirby's 102-issue run as penciller for The Fantastic Four, and we're planning something a little special to commemorate the conclusion of his tenure on the book. We'll be producing a special episode, immediately after our coverage of Fantastic Four #102. We'll be taking a look at Fantastic Four: The Lost Adventure, and taking a look at the Lee/Kirby era as a whole.

And this is where you come in.

As well as our musings and ramblings, we'd like to hear from you. We'd like to know your thoughts and opinions on the Lee/Kirby era, your highlights, lowlights, surprises and favourite moments.

Please e-mail these to If you're feeling brave, you could record an mp3 of your feedback for us. Due to time constraints, please keep your feedback to a couple of paragraphs or about 90 seconds of audio, to ensure that we can include as much as possible.

We will be recording on Wednesday 4th February at 19:00 GMT, so you've got about two days or so to send your feedback in. Thanks to everyone who's sent something already, we look forward to including all of your contributions in this special episode.

Steve and Andy.