Fantastic Four #25: Hulk vs The Thing Round 3.1

Fantastic Four #25, page 14, panel 6
Fantastic Four #25, page 14, panel 6

fantastic four #25: hulk vs the thing round 3.1

Sensational Story by: Stan Lee

Astonishing Art by: Jack Kirby

Incredible Inking by: George Roussos

Lighthearted Lettering by: S. Rosen

The fight continues throughout New York, leading to this wonderful panel where the Hulk picks the Thing up and forces him head-first into a manhole. It's always fun when characters get hammered into the street, but it's what's under the street that really makes this panel for me.

Most people would expect the road to be a thick layer of asphalt, on top of a prepared surface of gravel. But not Kirby's roads. Kirby's roads are built directly on top of wonderful, futuristic machinery. Who knows what function these machines perform, but it's clear that in New York, dark things are happening just below the surface...

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