Fantastic Four #25: Hulk vs The Thing Round 3

Fantastic Four #25, page 11, panel 5
Fantastic Four #25, page 11, panel 5

fantastic four #25: hulk vs the thing round 3

Sensational Story by: Stan Lee

Astonishing Art by: Jack Kirby

Incredible Inking by: George Roussos

Lighthearted Lettering by: S. Rosen

And it's on. Their brief clashes in Fantastic Four #12 were merely a warm-up to this two-issue, two-part smack down. I'm going to go ahead and spoil the result of the fight - the Hulk wins, rather convincingly. However, I'll be grabbing panels from the fight showcasing some awesome moments, as the fight is the centrepiece of the second half of this issue.

The Hulk/Thing rivalry has become something rather iconic over the years - it played a part of Ben's grieving process when Johnny temporarily died, and Sam Kieth did a great miniseries under the Marvel Knights banner devoted to the two character knocking the crap out of each other - but this story is their last fight for seven years. Let's enjoy it over the next few days.

The result: Hulk wins, although it takes him ten pages to bring the Thing down. 2-1 to ol' jade jaws!

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