Strange Tales #118: Flamin' 'Eck 40 / It's... ASBESTOS 21

Strange Tales #118, page 9, panel 3
Strange Tales #118, page 9, panel 3

strange tales #118: flamin' 'eck 40 / it's... asbestos!!! 21

Story: Stan Lee

Art: Dick Ayers

Lettering: S. Rosen

It's a two-fer, which is always fun. Kidnapped by The Wizard, Johnny and Sue find themselves trapped in a cell. Johnny manifests a guided fireball to orbit the room, looking for an air opening. Not only is this fairly silly, but the fireball exposes the fact that they are trapped in The Wizard's asbestos cell, previously seen in Strange Tales #102. Of course, in that comic, Johnny burst his way out of there, seemingly wrecking the joint, but I guess Bentley's been using some of his time since escaping from prison to rebuild and reinforce.

If you're wondering why Sue has a plastic bag over head, it's actually her force-field to protect her from the heat of the fireball. Of course, if there was no suitable air supply and the fireball was burning hotly enough to harm Sue, then the available oxygen in the room would have been consumed pretty quickly...

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