Listener Question: Are You Reading Fantastic Four?

Alex Ross Fantastic Four CoverWe've now hit volume 5 of the Fantastic Four, thanks to two relaunches in the last couple of years. Matt Fraction's run on both Fantastic Four and FF may have left many readers cold - personally speaking, whilst FF was an absolute riot, Fantastic Four alienated me around the time it revealed Skrulls infiltrating the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and never really got me back - but James Robinson and Leonard Kirk seem to have got their run off to a great start. Issue 6 is the current issue on the stands right now, beginning to tie-in with Original Sin and, if you believe certain rumours on the internet, setting up the removal of the Fantastic Four as a concept from the Marvel universe. With all of this in mind, we'd like to ask every single one of our listeners: Are you currently reading Fantastic Four? Is it in your pull list? If you just want to submit a yes/no answer, please do so, but if you would be able to expand on your reasons for buying or not buying the series, that would be great.

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