Thought Bubble: David Wynne Is Fantastic

David Wynne is a lovely, lovely man. Not only did he join us back in October for episode 21 of the show (featuring Hitler The Hate Monger), he's also the wonderfully talented writer and artist of various projects, including Particle Fiction, Hypergirl, and the new webcomic Spacescape. He was also exhibiting at the Thought Bubble convention in Leeds. Last year, he did an on-the-spot commission for me, featuring The Thing, in a tutu, dancing. Check it out here. This year, I had something a bit more special in mind.

Like many people, I'm a huge fan of Calvin and Hobbes, and one of the most enduring and heartwarming images of the strip is the trope of both characters speeding downhill in a sledge, or cart. So, a couple of weeks out from the show, I asked Dave if he could come up with a Fantastic Four/Calvin and Hobbes mashup, with Johnny and Ben done in a Watterson-esque style.

Dave took this concept and ran with it, far further than I could have dreamed. I think it's absolutely wonderful.

Cheers Dave!

Johnny and Ben