Fantastic Four Annual #1: Reed's Stretchy Body 32

Fantastic Four Annual #1, 25, panel 7 Written by: Stan Lee

Drawn by: Jack Kirby

Inking: Dick Ayers

Lettering: Art Simek

The forces of Atlantis have been repelled thanks to the kind of handy one-stop science that Russell T. Davies would happily use time and time again. Now it's time for things to get personal.

Considering their mutual animosity towards each other, and their admiration for Sue, it's a little surprising that the number of one-on-one fights between Reed Richards and Namor the Sub-Mariner are quite small. Reed has never truly been a two-fisted man of action. He's often involved in fights, but his particular brand of attack normally involves exploiting  his stretchy body to disable and incapacitate, rather than getting directly involved.

Here, Namor decides to cut loose, and Reed isn't backing off. This small panel heralds a full-page of Reed and Namor going at it, and we'll have a few choice panels from this fight over the next few days.

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