Fantastic Four #10: Reed's Stretchy Body 17

Fantastic Four #10, page 10, panel 4 Script: Stan Lee

Pencilling: Jack Kirby

Inking: Dick Ayers

Uncredited Lettering: Art Simek

Recent guest-host Professor Alan should be happy with today's post. Whilst the body may be Reed's the mind controlling it is Victor von Doom's!

Having finally moved past all the shenanigans at the start of the issue, the main focus of the story comes into play. Using technology from the planet of the Ovoids, Doctor Doom switches bodies with his arch-rival, Reed Richards. Much like when Emma Frost took over Iceman's body and ended up using his powers better than he ever did, Doom has an impressive control over the elastic powers of Mr Fantastic.

This panel sees Reed, confused by the transfer of his mind into Doctor Doom's body, hopelessly outmatched by his nemesis. Note the subtle evil grin Kirby puts onto Reed's face, showing how Doom's personality changes the face we are so used to seeing.

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