Fantastic Four #10: It's A Marvel Comic 8

Fantastic Four #10, page 8, panel 1 Script: Stan Lee

Pencilling: Jack Kirby

Inking: Dick Ayers

Uncredited Lettering: Art Simek

Today's post is very handy. Handy, Because it just features hands. And could be useful. Handy. Get it? HANDY!

There have been plenty of panels over the past couple of pages that could have warranted inclusion in the blog, and Stan and Jack become reluctant participants in the nefarious plots of Doctor Doom. However, it's this final panel that tickles me the most.

Doctor Dom vanishes with the unconscious body of Reed Richards, leaving our two crafty creators to look on in astonishment. Note that Stan Lee uses a very unusual way of addressing his artistic cohort - Jackson. It's not one that would stick...

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