Fantastic Four #30: Flame On 71

Fantastic Four #30, page page 12, panel 1
Fantastic Four #30, page page 12, panel 1

Fantasticast Four #30: Flame On 71

Written by: Stan Lee (A rather nice writer)

Illustrated by: Jack Kirby (A quite noteworthy artist)

Inked by: Chic Stone (A somewhat nifty inker)

Lettered by: Art Simek (An occasionally neat letterer)

Ah, good old blank backgrounds. The sign of an artistic shortcut. Based on this panel alone, I have no idea where the Fantastic Four currently are, and I mean it. I browse the comic for these posts visually, I pay little attention to the actual plot. I think they're still in Transylvania, but so much has happened over the past few pages, that I'm not sure.

And by 'so much', I mean that Diablo has enchanted the whole world, re-seeded the African desert, done lots of dirty deals with tinpot dictators, un-cured the Thing and entrapped him, and enslaved the populace of the town near his castle. He's been busy, and the Fantastic Four have... just let this happen? Way to be a super-hero team, guys!

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