Fantastic Four #29: Flame On 68

Fantastic Four #29, page 7, panel 4
Fantastic Four #29, page 7, panel 4

Fantasticast Four #29: Flame On 68

Written with a dash of greatness by: Stan Lee

Drawn with a hint of glory by: Jack Kirby

Inked with a touch of drama by: Chic Stone

Lettered with a bottle of india ink by: S. Rosen

I think for the rest of this book, the only criteria by which I decide whether I like a panel or not will be, 'Does it feature the Red Ghost and/or his stupid apes'?

So, let's take a look. We have the Human Torch, using his fiery blasts to obliterate debris before they can crash into bystanders or buildings, which looks fine. There's not reason why he should be crying his catchphrase when he's already in his 'flame' form, though. But, because of the lack of a Russian cosmonauts and his pathetic primates, this one gets a thumbs up!

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