Elemental Micah by Michael Georgiou

Michael Georgiou is one of my closest friends, and the man behind the wonderful Fantasticast artwork. I first met Mike at my first Thought Bubble Festical in 2012, where he was sharing a table with Fantasticast guest-host David Wynne. We quickly become good friends and, for my 30th birthday, he presented me the artwork for use in the show. We decided to thank him by having him join us as guest-host for episodes 64 and 65, featuring the first appearance of the Kree, their Sentry, and the Supreme Intelligence. Mike's creator-owned comic series is Elemental Micah, published through Orang-Utan Comics:


When you lost your virginity, did you feel like a God? Micah did. For a guy who is overweight, slobby, gay with very poor eyesight, a very broken nose and a name people never seem to get right, you wonder whether the Fates were on the ale when they were choosing him. Or did the Fates choose him? How did he gain these powers? Did he earn them mystically, inherit them from his family or was he in contact with a radioactive animal of sorts? And what's the purpose of having these powers? There aren't any super villains around, so who does he really have to fight? Is there actually a need for a person with such luxuries if, as it is believed, he is the only one? Until he finds out, he'll keep having his misadventures with Dana, Simon, and his dog Alfonzo, and hopefully he'll discover the meaning of his existence.

This weekend, he's redesigned and relaunched the website for Elemental Micah, and to celebrate, the first four issues are available on a pay-what-you-want basis. Please do head over and give the series a read, and throw some money in the direction of one of our guest-hosts and of someone who has done some wonderful work for our show!