Strange Tales #122: It's... ASBESTOS!!! 26

Strange Tales #122, page 6, panel 3
Strange Tales #122, page 6, panel 3

Strange tales #122: it's... asbestos!!! 26

Rapidly written by Stan Lee

Speedily sketched by Dick Ayers

Instantly inked by Geo. Bell

Lazily lettered by S. Rosen

The Terrible Trio are back, and the only redeeming feature of their return is that they've seemingly stopped off at World of Asbestos for a few accessories before conning Johnny. Of course, what they didn't pick up was a copy of 'Asbestos For Dummies' (presumably they thought it would be too high-concept for them), as if they had done so, they'd have learned that the asbestos blanket doesn't need to be airtight to extinguish the Human Torch's flame.


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