Fantastic Four #28: It's Clobberin' Time 2

Fantastic Four #28, page 11, panel 4
Fantastic Four #28, page 11, panel 4

fantastic four #28: it's clobberin' time 2

Written by Stan Lee (The Leader!)

Drawn by Jack Kirby (The King!)

Inked by Chic Stone (The Master!)

Lettered by Art Simek (The Letterer!)

It's quite clear at this point that neither Stan nor Jack are treating 'It's Clobbering Time' as a proper catchphrase for The Thing. The phrase has clearly stuck with Stan from the previous issue of Strange Tales, but it has yet to embed itself into the strip in the same way that 'Flame On' has.

Which is why the second use of it comes on the page's smallest panel, snuck in between an overly-explanatory caption box and a minuscule drawing of Ben breaking free of Iceman's ice.

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