Strange Tales #121: Flame On 66

Strange Tales #121, page 6, panel 1
Strange Tales #121, page 6, panel 1

strange tales #121: Flame on 66

Written in the sensational style of Stan Lee

Drawn in the marvellous manner of Dick Ayers

Lettered by: Art Simek

Strange Tales #121 featured the return of one of the more notable (and infamous) Human Torch villains - The Plant Man. Remember him? He's the lunatic, convinced that plants had intelligence, who found himself able to command any vegetable matter when a lightning bolt hit his special pruning shears. He's the only villain to temporarily defeat the Human Torch with the morning dew, and to escape by encasing himself in a tree.

He launches a wave of crime in Glendale, avoiding interrupting by dampening Johnny and locking him in the closet for half an hour. Johnny catches up with Doris at the scene of one of the crimes, before flying away, with his catchphrase once again framed as a sound effect rather than a cry or shout.

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