Fantastic Four #26: Hulk vs The Thing Round 5

Fantastic Four #26, page 19, panel 2
Fantastic Four #26, page 19, panel 2

fantastic four #26: hulk vs the thing round 5

Unforgettably Written In The Grand Manner by: Stan Lee

Powerfully Drawn In The Heroic Manner by: Jack Kirby

Inked by: George Roussos

Lettered by: Art Simek

The final bout between the Hulk and the Thing begins here. Sure, there's five other Avengers, Rick Jones, and the rest of the Fantastic Four, but the issue is really about these two slugging it out. Unfortunately, the fight lasts for less than a page before the Avengers take over, and it ends with Ben covered in quick-setting cement and unable to continue the fight. Coupled with the fact that it's Rick Jones who forces the change back to Bruce (Robert) Banner, it would be very unfair to call this fight for anyone other than the Hulk.

The result: Another victory for Hulk, as he takes on Ben, the rest of the FF, and the Avengers and comes out on top. 4-1 to the Hulk.

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