Fantastic Four #25: Flame On 61

Fantastic Four #25, page 7, panel 7
Fantastic Four #25, page 7, panel 7

fantastic four #25: flame on 61

Sensational Story by: Stan Lee

Astonishing Art by: Jack Kirby

Incredible Inking by: George Roussos

Lighthearted Lettering by: S. Rosen

After such a long time, I'm finally starting to hit panels from the final comics covered in our first year. Fantastic Four #25 is the first of a two-part story pitting the Incredible (and title-less) Hulk against pretty much the entire Marvel universe that exists at this point. The plot involves the Hulk deciding to travel to New York to seek revenge on The Avengers for fighting him in the early issues of their title, and drawing the attention of the Fantastic Four along the way.

It all starts here as Johnny, flying Reed in the Fantasticar across town to a hospital, notices the Hulk's path of destruction, and heroically dives into battle with a glorious and selfless 'Flame On'.

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