Strange Tales #118: Flamin' Eck 38

Strange Tales #118, page 1, panel 1
Strange Tales #118, page 1, panel 1

strange tales #118: flamin' 'eck 38

Story: Stan Lee

Art: Dick Ayers

Lettering: S. Rosen

It's another first page/panel from Strange Tales, somewhere that is becoming the natural place to showcase the Human Torch in all of his glory. I rather like this one, Ayers' depiction of Johnny Storm has something elfin about him, both in the face and in the way he holds his body. There's a lot of energy to this panel, and it's one of the best examples of Ayers both pencilling and inking.

What's less great is the way Johnny's fire balls are bouncing off the target. Either that target should be in flames, or, more sensibly, the target should have a hole for a bullseye for the fireballs to pass through.

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