Fantastic Four #24: Sue's Force Fields Of Awesome 9

Fantastic Four #24, page 16, panel 1
Fantastic Four #24, page 16, panel 1

fantastic four #24:

sue's force fields of awesome 9

Lovingly written by Stan Lee

Tenderly drawn by Jack Kirby

Heroically inked by George Roussos

Neatly lettered by Sam Rosen

We're currently recording episodes covering the period of Sue's pregnancy, meaning that her contributions to issues tend to be made whilst lying around being incredibly feverish and hysterical, unable to deal with even the slightest piece of bad news. It's rather refreshing to return to a time when Sue played a more proactive role in the team, flexing her powers inventively and holding her own amongst the boys on the battlefield.

Here, she manifests an incredibly strong force-field, not only restraining a speeding car but initially bringing it to a complete standstill. More recent issues might choose to show the strain it takes to bring a heavy vehicle travelling at speed to a full stop by messing her hair, maybe having some blood trickle from her nose. But under Kirby, Sue just needs to throw out her field and do the job with the minimum of fuss.

Love it!

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