Fantastic Four #24: Reed's Stretchy Body 60

Fantastic Four #24, page 1, panel 1
Fantastic Four #24, page 1, panel 1

fantastic four #24: reed's stretchy body 60

Lovingly written by Stan Lee

Tenderly drawn by Jack Kirby

Heroically inked by George Roussos

Neatly lettered by Sam Rosen

I'm a sucker for a great splash page, and if the great splash page happens to fit into one of the categories with which we catalogue the tropes of the Fantastic Four, then all the better.

It's a media circus which opens issue 24 and, for once, it's Reed hogging the spotlight. His body is stretched into some vaguely Escher-esque shape (seriously, those feet don't quite belong with the rest of the body), partially reminiscent of one of those wide, flatfish futuristic cars with fins and spoilers. This image has nothing to do with the rest of the story, but it's a great image to open the book.

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