The Fantasticast: Where On Earth Is The Episode?

Episode 82 of The Fantasticast was released at 1am BST on Saturday 30th May. Two hours later, it was pulled from the internet, with only a couple of drunked tweets and Facebook comments to mark its passing. What happened?

Well, the simple answer is that Steve cocked up. Twice.

First of all, he set an expiration date for the podcast, rather than a release date, meaning that his timed release failed and the episode went out for three minute on Thursday evening. One fast delete later, and all was fine. Unfortunately, whilst re-uploading the episode, he accidentally selected Andy's raw audio track, rather than the finished episode that he had spent several hours editing.

At 3am in the morning, as his epic all-night game of Cards Against Humanity entered it's 7th hour, he noticed twitter messages and Facebook comments, and pulled the episode.

The correct one has now been uploaded and will be released at 1am BST on Sunday June 1st. Sorry US listeners, you're going to have to do the time-zone conversion yourselves!