Fantastic Four #22: Sue's Force Fields of Awesome 4

Fantastic Four #22, page 15, panels 1-3 Written by: Stan Lee

Drawn by: Jack Kirby

Inked by: George Roussos

Lettered by: Sam Rosen

Wouldn't you have guessed it? The island bought by the Fantastic Four has the Mole Man's base right underneath it! I wonder if 'concealing a super-villain's hideout' is a good enough reason to take your estate agent to court...

Anyway, the Mole Man has concocted a scheme whereby he can steal cities from the Earth's surface, and only has one switch with which to trigger this. Because Sue has only just manifested her force fields, she is able to take him completely by surprise, preventing him from activating the switch. Which means that we get the rather funny sight of the Mole Man, infuriated by his inability to set his plans in motion, trying to whack the switch with his cane.

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