Fantastic Four #22: Sue's Force Fields of Awesome 2-3

Fantastic Four #22, page 3, panels 1-3 Written by: Stan Lee

Drawn by: Jack Kirby

Inked by: George Roussos

Lettered by: Sam Rosen

A good rule of thumb with any superhero movie, especially one that features the origins of superpowers, is that the sequence featuring the hero discovering how to use his or her powers is normally a highlight. Remember Iron Man taking his first flight and icing up, or Spider-Man (the real one, not the current one) going for this first web-sling? And one of the best bits of Man of Steel was Superman's first delightful flight, a rare moment of peace and joy in that film.

This scene is played a little more for laughs, but the joy of Sue realising that she can do something new is palpable, and it's shared by the rest of the team, especially Reed. Both the 'squashy bubble' and the stronger shield are great and different visuals, and it's clear from the start that this issue has higher ambitions than just another run-of-the-mill fight issue.

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