LQOTM: Your Favourite Non-Fantastic Four Fantastic Four Stories

It's time for another Listener Question Of The Month! We're still looking at your favourite stories, having asked for your favourite under-rated stories and your favourite issue that showcases the team.

This month, we want to know your favourite non-Fantastic Four Fantastic Four stories.

To clarify, we want to know your favourite stories from books featuring the Fantastic Four that aren't the core Fantastic Four title. Pretty much everything is fair game for this one. The main spin-offs (Strange Tales, Marvel Two-In-One, The Thing, Fantastic Force and FF), mini-series, guest-appearances, alternate continuities (Fantastic Five, Ultimate Fantastic Four, etc) and more.7

There's no limit to the number of stories you can submit, although for the sake of reading the e-mails when we review the feedback, try to keep your thoughts reasonably succinct - as we've proved over 80-odd episodes, reading out loud isn't as simple for us as it should be!

Send your feedback into fantastic4podcast@gmail.com or leave it in the comments below.