Fantastic Four #21: Flame On 51

Fantastic Four #21, page 11, panel 5 Written by: Stan Lee

Drawn by: Jack Kirby

Inked by: George Bell

Lettered by: Art Simek

The plot continues with Reed heading off to South America (How appropriate is it that Nick Fury's first modern appearance should feature him getting a hero to do his dirty work? That's been the basis of most stories featuring him over the past decade or so!). The rest of the team witness the Pogo Plane depart and, despite having broken up the Fantastic Four mere pages earlier, decide that they don't like being left behind. Hence, Johnny's impressive 'Flame On' here.

But of far more interest is the helicopter. The ridiculous, mis-proportioned, top-heavy helicopter. I would love to see the reference used for this panel!

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