Strange Tales #112: Flame On 47

Strange Tales #112, page 6, panel 2 Story plot: Stan Lee

Script: Jerry Siegel

Art: Dick Ayers

Lettering: S. Rosen

Across several pages that didn't involve any of our tropes, a plot has developed. A broadcaster has been whipping up anti-Johnny hatred, whilst the Eel accidentally steals a miniature atomic bomb and irradiates himself. Hiding out in town, he is relatively unaware that he or the bomb (it's not quite clear which) could explode at any moment and destroy everything.

Being a moral conundrum in the early 1960s, Johnny's decision as to whether he should continue as the Torch in the face of public opposition is an easy one to make. Extra-easy, considering that if he doesn't the entire town is going to blow up. So, he flames on, and turns off his television set. Which presumably had an asbestos coating.

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