LQOTM: Your Favourite Fantastic Four Issue (With Rules)

And… we're back! Following yesterday's episode where we finally dug through our mailbag and read our answers to the last Listener Question Of The Month, we've got another one for you! And, continuing a slightly irritating trend, there's not short, snappy version of the question. Ah well...

The Fantastic Four, as a comic, has plenty of different identifiers. It's the first Marvel superhero comic as we know them today. It's a book about explorers. It's a book out discovery. It's a book about crazy, way-out-there concepts. It's a book about family. And I'm sure there are many more interpretations.

What we're looking for is your favourite issue that sums up the Fantastic Four as you see them. And I mean issue, not story arc. It could be because there's a moment or scene that encapsulates your view of the team. It could be that the entire issue sees the writer and artist completely on your wavelength with your view of the Fantastic Four.

Send your nominations to fantastic4podcast@gmail.com, or leave in the comments below.