LQOTM: Your Feel-Good Fantastic Four Reading Experiences

On our latest episode (which has had its sound synchronisation fixed now - if you're listening to us and we keep talking over each other, head on over and replace your episode) we launched our latest Listener Question Of The Month. The Fantastic Four is a good comic. And I don't just mean in terms of quality - I mean in terms of its heart. At its very core, it's a book about a family, overcoming obstacles both domestic and, uh, intergalactic (and beyond). The best runs on the book remember this, and although dark things may happen, the heart of the book is never lost.

Speaking personally, I was thought that the Jonathan Hickman run had lost sight of this, especially in the immediate aftermath of Johnny's return in Fantastic Four #600. Both titles were wrapped up in Hickman's epic storytelling, and for a while, it felt like the story was more important than the characters. Hickman completely turned this around, and the final issues of both Fantastic Four and FF before the Marvel NOW relaunch were great reads that took the books back to their core.

A well-written, positive Fantastic Four book warms my heart, and there are several issues that I find very easy to return to when I need to feel good. So, my question to is this:

What are you feel-good Fantastic Four reading experiences?

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