LQotM Reminder:

On our latest episode, we launched our first Listener Question of the Month.

We rightly laud certain runs on the title - Lee/Kirby, Byrne, Waid/Wieringo, Hickman. But there are plenty of creators, stories and mini-series that don't necessarily get the attention that they deserve.

So, this month, we're asking you to give us your favourite FF stories that you think may have not got the attention that they deserve. You might be a fan of Len Wein and George Perez. You may think that there's something rarely seen in Tom DeFalco and Paul Ryan's time on the book. You might be a fan of Heroes Reborn, or feel that Paul Cornell's Fantastic Four: True Story mini-series somehow escaped attention.

Whatever your favourites are, do let us know. On one of our November episodes, we'll run down what's been nominated and the reasons why, and see if we can't put a bit of focus onto these stories.

E-mail the show at fantastic4podcast@gmail.com, leave your comments over at our facebook page, or in the comments below.