Strange Tales #110: Flame On 40

Strange Tales #110, page 2, panel 1 Plot: Stan Lee

Script: HE Huntley (Ernie Hart)

Art: Dick Ayers

Letterer: John Duffy

It's back to Strange Tales, a place neither Andy or myself ever really want to go again. But if I can bear to trawl through these uninspiring early appearances of The Wizard and Paste Pot Pete to ensure that nary a Flame On is missed, then you can come along with me.

Ernie Hart is the man behind the pseudonym behind the script today. Best known as the creator of the Marvel Comics funny animal character Super Rabbit, this issue of Strange Tales is one of only a very small handful of Silver Age superhero comics that Ernie was involved in the creation of.

Anyway, it's had to context this 'Flame On', as it is the first thing to happen in the comic. Johnny's exercising in his backyard, as the caption tells us. Which is good, as not a single panel in the first page detailing this sequence ever manages to depict that backyard.

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