Fantastic Four #16: Reed's Stretchy Body 28-30

Fantastic Four #16, pin-up page Script: Stan Lee

Art: Jack Kirby

Inking: Dick Ayers

Lettering: Art Simek

It's a bit of a different panel today. For a short time in 1963, Marvel devoted a page of their books to pin-up pages like this. (They'd repeat this in a year or so, with post pages). So, for your enjoyment, I present the pin-up page from Fantastic Four #16, with three different examples of Reed being all stretchy.

The parachute, I'm fine with. The bulletproof stretchy bullet catching thing hasn't been seen in a while, and I like it. But the wheel? What the hell is making up the spokes? His toes? His fingers? Did he suddenly perforate his stomach?

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