Strange Tales #109: Flame On 36

Strange Tales #109, page 3, panel 5

Plot: Stan Lee

Script: R. Berns

Art: Jack Kirby

Inking: Dick Ayers

Lettering: Marty Epp

Is it me or does Johnny look... different? I'm pretty sure it's not me.

This is the last issue of Strange Tales to be drawn by Jack Kirby for a little while, and I think, looking at the art across this story, that he was providing little more than layouts at this point. A lot of the faces look very un-Kirby, and it seems fairly clear to me that Ayers is shouldering the lion's share of the work for this issue.

Anyway, it's another Flame On, and it comes in one of the most forgettable issues of Strange Tales ever. The story of the Sorceror and Pandora's Box (insert New 52 joke here) is so bland that I'm going to try and not mention it at all during the panels from this issue.

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