Strange Tales #108: Flame On 33

Strange Tales #108, page 3, panel 2 Plot: Stan Lee

Script: Robert Bernstein

Art: Jack Kirby

Inking: Dick Ayers

Lettering: Terry Szenics

A page later and we're seeing almost the same thing as we did yesterday. The Human Torch flies into action in a great piece of posing by Jack and Dick, threatening to burst out of the page and right at the reader. We get the same, spikily-rendered 'Flame On' catchphrase as well.

I suggested yesterday that the unusual style of lettering didn't fit with the house style at Marvel, and I think you can really see this with the little kid in the panel. I can't really think of any lettering like it in Marvel at this time. The uneven line, the exclamation marks near-bursting with energy. It's all actually rather appropriate for a fast-paced, throwaway tale full of action, but it does read uncomfortably when compared to the contemporary efforts of Art Simek and Sam Rosen.

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