The Fantasticast - Now Weekly!

FF Banner New As you'll have heard on our latest episode, we have now moved to a weekly release schedule.

With the conclusion of Strange Tales, we found ourselves with a bit of a dilemma. We wanted to keep covering four issues a month, but we were worried that two full-length issues, with context, letters pages, British number ones, and all the other things that we like to throw into the show, would make for too long an episode. But we didn't want to drop the number of issues we planned to cover.

So, we've decided to change the format of the show. From Episode Forty-Eight onwards, we'll be covering one Fantastic Four issue every episode, but dropping a new episode every week. With this release schedule in mind, we should be wrapping up the first sequence of stories featuring the Black Panther by the end of year.

So, our plans for the near-future look like this - Inhuman, Galactus, Black Panther.

We can't wait!