Fantastic Four #7: Reed's Stretchy Body 10

Writer: Stan Lee

Artist: Jack Kirby

Uncredited Inker: Dick Ayers

Today's dose of stretchiness not only gives us another great way for Reed to use his powers, it also gives us an early example of Kirbytech.

The machinery Reed stretches through is a ventilation system, which hasn't done much of of job of funneling steam from the Baxter Building. It's an early example of Jack Kirby's wonderfully inventive machinery which would come to be known as Kirbytech.

I'm a particular fan of panel 6, with Reed's flat head sliding through the slats of a ventilation grille. Not only does the artwork look like Reed's head has sprouted from the wall, but imagining the process of Reed squeezing his head flat through the grille then having to rotate it 90 degrees so that it's the right way up is a lot of fun.

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