Fantastic Four #2: Property Damage 5

Fantastic Four #2, page 12, panel 6

Fantastic Four #2, page 12, panel 6

Uncredited Writer: Stan Lee

Uncredited Penciler: Jack Kirby

Uncredited Inker: George Klein

Uncredited Colours: Stan Goldberg

Uncredited Letterer: John Duffy

I think this is most extreme example of Property Damage that we've seen to date: The Human Torch destroys a missile launching platform at an army base.

Now, this is all part of Johnny's half-baked plan to draw out the Skrull imposters by pretending to be one of them, allowing him to infiltrate them. Of course, his plan requires that the Skrull impersonating him has gone off on his own for a while, or else he's just the Human Torch acting badly.

But not too badly... note that Johnny destroys an unfinished launching platform. That's still going to be at great cost to tax payer. Your tax dollars, funding silly plans to draw out shape-shifting alien invaders.

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