Fantastic Four #2: Fear Of The Thing 2

Fantastic Four #2, page 5, panel 4

Fantastic Four #2, page 5, panel 4

Uncredited Writer: Stan Lee

Uncredited Penciler: Jack Kirby

Uncredited Inker: George Klein

Uncredited Colours: Stan Goldberg

Uncredited Letterer: John Duffy

Our first excerpt from Fantastic Four #2 sees Ben not really helping himself in the 'Not-A-Rampaging-Monster' stakes. He has been riled by a series of imposters - actually shape-changing Skrulls with artificially-induced powers - who have been causing chaos around the country and besmirching the name of the team.

Whilst this is going on, the Four have taken a holiday in a remote cabin where no-one can find them. Unless the army need to... There's a very uncomfortable panel featuring Johnny polishing the barrel of a shotgun. But we're not here to look at teenagers with firearms. We're here to look at an angry Ben hurling a mounted bear head through the side of a cabin to prove that he is not a mindless rampaging creature...

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