The Fantasticast Episode 88: Fantastic Four #76 - Stranded In Subatomica

The Fantasticast Episode 88

The Fantasticast Episode 88

Fansplaining Earth X

Join hosts Stephen Lacey and Andrew Leyland as they venture down into the Sub-Atomica, the Microverse, the worlds within worlds. Fantastic Four #76 sees Reed, Ben and Johnny on the trail of the Silver Surfer, seeking his aid to prevent Galactus from consuming the planet Earth. Featuring a not-very-surprising guest-villain, and more pregnancy-induced hysteria than you can shake a stick at.

We also take a brief look at the moral conundrums of Reed Richards in Incredible Hulk #105. On top of this, we have your favourite non-Fantastic Four Fantastic Four stories, we pose a new listener question of the month, and there's a double-dose of British number-one singles.

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