The Fantasticast Episode 84: The Fantasticast Presents Daredevil #35-38

The Fantasticast Episode 84

The Fantasticast Episode 84

Gene Colan Draws Galactus

We're taking a break from our regular run-through of The Fantastic Four to take a look at  four issues of Daredevil: The Man Without Fear. Between guest-appearances and a plot featuring Doctor Doom that flows in next week's issue of the Fantastic Four, we had a lot of Daredevil to cover, so we gave it its very own episode. It's a veritable feast of Gene Colan artwork, with little flavourings of Mike Murdock, Foggy Nelson's career and Karen Page's hormones.

Joining us this week is one of our favourite guest-hosts, Daredevil blogger Christine Hanefalk. The writer of The Other Murdock Papers, and hot off of her guest-appearance in recent issues of Daredevil, we were delighted to have Christine back with us to take a look at these issues. And for a bonus, during the recording, the Netflix Daredevil casting announcement was made - look out for a special outtake containing our live reactions to the news!

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